How To Fix Product Activation Failed In Microsoft Office

Hey, if you are facing sản phẩm activation failed in Excel (Microsoft Excel), I have a guaranteed solution on this issue. If you use the below-mentioned tutorial to lớn fix this issue, you will definitely get relief.

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I use Microsoft Excel daily. But till today I didn’t observe that my Microsoft Excel is going from an issue. You know the issue. I tried many methods to lớn fix it, but I found one most easy và really genuine method. Khổng lồ go with this method you don’t have khổng lồ re-install MS Excel.


t is not so large issue và this is not urgent to lớn repair this. Because you can work on MS Excel while occurring this. Why vày you need khổng lồ fix it? You need lớn fix it because it seems like something went wrong.

Solution for sản phẩm activation failed in Excel

This is the simplest method I have seen ever to lớn fix the Microsoft Excel sản phẩm activation failed issue. As I have told you don’t need to vì chưng anything with your Microsoft Excel. Also, you don’t need to download any third-party software.

The solution to solve hàng hóa activation failed in MS word is 100% the same as the procedure lớn solve product activation failed in MS Excel.

Let see the step by step tutorial –

Step 1 – First go khổng lồ This PC or file Manager in your PC.Step 2 – Now xuất hiện the Local Disk (C:) folder.Step 3 – Navigate to Program Files >> Common Files >> Microsoft shared >> OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatfrom.


Program Files (x86) >> Common Files >> Microsoft shared >> OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatfrom.


Program Files >> Microsoft Office >> Office15.


Program Files (x86 ) >> Microsoft Office >> Office15.

The above locations are three locations where you can find the OSPPREARM application. Your OSPPREARM application can be placed anywhere in one of these tệp tin locations.


Step 4 – Loo for OSPPREARM.


OSPPREARM also known as OSPPREARM.exe. OSPPREARM is the main factor to lớn fix this issue.

You need lớn find it only in Office-related folders. You can also find it by doing a random search in This PC folder. I have told you three important locations where you definitely find this application. If you did not find an application in these locations you just need lớn find it manually.

Step 5 – Now click right mouse button on OSPPREARM.


Step 6 – Click on “Run as administrator”. Repeat this step at least 3 times.

Step 7 – Close Excel file if already opened and open it again.

Congratulations! It will find there you have fixed it successfully.


As you can see how easily you have repaired your Microsoft Excel. Product activation failed in Excel is not a serious issue as that needs to be addressed immediately. In both conditions, your MS Excel does work properly. The only thing which you have lớn face is you have khổng lồ watch that pop-up even when you don’t want to.

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I hope you got relief after reading và following this tutorial. If you lượt thích this tutorial article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you found any queries about MS Excel, feel miễn phí to ask me.