The most interesting thing about artwork on the internet is how truly occult it can be. There is a level of anonymity afforded lớn online artists that is totally unprecedented, và the result of this anonymity has been a vast wasteland of pieces whose origins và intentions are largely untraceable. This series will be an exploration of mạng internet curios without a background story. We are going lớn play cultural detective & attempt lớn discern, khổng lồ the best of our abilities, the meaning and the rationale behind these curios, và hopefully invite some well-deserved critical discourse lớn them in the process.

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Case tệp tin #3

Video Title: I Feel Fantastic


Tara the Android

Uploaded by: Creepyblog

Story: By this point, I Feel Fantastic has been fully established as a shadowy classic of the deep-slumber-party genre; a time-tested destination for freaking out the uninitiated and catalyzing foredoomed cycles of folk inquiry. It is perhaps the most archetypal example of “mysterious” mạng internet art, a work so perfectly eerie that it feels that it must be intentional, but so hidden in its origin that it remains legitimately unknowable.

This grained & woodsy artifact consists of a female app android named Tara posing và serenading the viewer with a monotonous half-song whose lyrics lend the title its name. A middle break in the đoạn clip wipes over some disfocused foliage for no apparent reason. The clip ends that way it began.


The backyard break

The Mystery: When we began researching into I Feel Fantastic we were surprised khổng lồ find that so much remains unknown about it. There’s a solid number of articles & forums dedicated lớn constructing a cohesive origin story but while details & clues abound, nothing straightforward can yet be put together.

The actual mysteries inherent in I Feel Fantastic are obvious và really boil down khổng lồ one medial question: what is this? Who would make this video, why would they make it, how weird is it actually supposed to lớn be? This video clip is the stuff that nightmares are made of, but is that the point? Is I Feel Fantastic just an abridged internet Blair Witch Project-style hoax, a Ted the Caver exercise in pseudo-realist horror? Or is it something more?


What We Know: The rabbit hole that is the I Feel Fantastic origin mystery is a fascinating & often disturbing ride. Here are the facts, as provided by Reddit, Blumhouse, certain robot forums, etc.:

I Feel Fantastic was originally uploaded by a user called Creepyblog (it remains the user’s only upload). The video’s mô tả tìm kiếm contains an extended meditation on the Greek myth of Pygmalion. For those unfamiliar with the story: Pygmalion was a sculptor who found that no woman on Earth would suit his ideal, so he decided that he would sculpt the perfect woman for himself. When Aphrodite, goddess of love, happened upon the figure he created, she took pity on Pygmalion and brought it to lớn life. The parallels between this myth and the clip are obvious và are clearly meant to lớn inspire a sense that the creator of the piece/robot is insane, or at least extremely eccentric. Of course, the name “Creepyblog” makes all this spookiness seem self-aware and, importantly, the user does not take personal credit for the video.


Things get weirder from here. Shortly after the original post, another user named Niyou77 reuploaded the đoạn clip along with a collection of other shorts featuring Tara the android in a playlist called “my android”. These videos maintained the creep-factor of I Feel Fantastic, and the context migration made the whole affair seem more legitimately bizarre. Video descriptions now came with wacky, tongue-in-cheek origin stories and the claim that Tara was made “by accident” and had supernatural powers.


Niyou77’s playlist

Internet sleuths began to bởi some sniff-work, and deduced that Tara the apk was the creation of one John Bergeron. An oft-cited links leads khổng lồ a crudely designed “android forum” run by Bergeron where Tara is listed amongst “smaller game android projects”.

It has been established that Niyou77 is not John Bergeron. It is unclear why Niyou77 decided to co-opt the Tara videos & build his own mythos but it seems that Bergeron is the legitimate creator; thanks to lớn some wonderful detective work by the blog mysteriaforthecurious, Bergeron’s original website has been tracked down, & it appears as though Tara was originally a personal project designed lớn fuse an interest in robotics with an interest in music. Bergeron is still around và Internet sleuthing suggests that he is a seemingly normal music teacher và robo-tinkerer. Seemingly normal…because his entire social truyền thông presence shut down the second that someone asked him on Twitter about the I Feel Fantastic video.

The tale does not stop here. Mysteries remain as lớn the Niyou77 uploads (many of which seem tonally out of sync with Bergeron’s original creation, & are probably from another source), và the lack of conclusive credit has unsettled spectators. In no way vày we give credence khổng lồ these rumors và in no way are we implicating Bergeron in them, but it must be addressed that the failure of anybody to adequately come forward & offer an explanation for the videos has led to lớn a full-blown urban legend about Tara’s “real” creator. The creator of these legends is a serial killer who dresses Tara in his victims clothes và makes her sing and dance for kicks…that, or he was a serial killer that created Tara, only lớn find her come lớn life và destroy him (urban legends are, of course, inconsistent). There is no evidence that anything other than harmless weirdness is going on, but it is clear that until an actual answer can be inked in the registry, unseemly speculation will continue lớn swell.

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Final Notes: I Feel Fantastic is a stone cold classic. It is one of the most engaging, creepy, & mystifying works of the 21st century and a perfect example of the kind of exhilarating enigma that an artist can achieve if they understand the internet fully. The aesthetic is a perfect balance of the uncanny & the real, the concept is unique & disturbing, & the restraint that the creator (whoever it is) has showed has birthed a legitimate urban legend. This is the real folk art of our day, và though it would be satisfying, I hope that we never totally crack the mystery of Fantastic, so that future generations can look back và whisper about the rumors & the shady liên kết and continue khổng lồ be united in curiosity around this very worthy little oddity.