How To Fix Microsoft Office Activation Errors



Tip 5. Try lớn Run Office as Administrator

You can also try to run Microsoft Office as administrator on Windows 11/10 khổng lồ see if it can fix the Microsoft sản phẩm activation failed issue.

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Close all Office applications.Press Windows + S, type an Office application name like Word in the search box. Right-click the Office application và select Run as administrator.Click Yes in the pop-up window to lớn run the Office program as administrator. Check if your Office programs are successfully activated.

Tip 6. Update Microsoft Office

You can update your Microsoft Office to lớn see if it helps fix the Office activation errors & bugs.

For Office năm nhâm thìn and higher, you can open any Office app lượt thích Word và click File -> Account. Click Update Options -> Update Now lớn update your Office products. You may need lớn click Enable Updates first if you don’t see the Update Now option. If the Update Options is missing và you only see the About option, then you may have a volume licensing of a group or company.

If you bought Office from Microsoft Store, you can xuất hiện the Microsoft Store app & sign in lớn your Microsoft account. Click the three-dot icon at the top-right corner và choose Downloads and Updates -> Get Updates.

Tip 7. Temporarily Disable Antivirus Software

If the Office activation error is caused by antivirus applications, you can temporarily disable your antivirus software. To lớn temporarily disable third-party antivirus software, you can kiểm tra your antivirus manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, you can go khổng lồ Control Panel to uninstall the antivirus program.

To temporarily turn off the Windows firewall, you can check: How lớn Disable and Enable Windows Defender Firewall?

Remember lớn enable your antivirus program after Office is successfully activated.

Tip 8. Use Office Repair Tool

Microsoft provides a free Office Repair Tool to lớn help users fix various Microsoft Office activation issues. You can use the Office Repair Tool lớn repair various Office activation problems & fix various Office activation error codes. Kiểm tra the danh mục of error codes that the Office Repair Tool can fix.

Tip 9. Reset Microsoft Office Settings

You can also follow the operation below khổng lồ reset Microsoft Office settings to see if it helps fix Microsoft Office activation errors.

Open tệp tin Explorer and open C drive on your PC.Next, navigate lớn the path: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice16.Find the OSPPREARM.exe file. You can also type OSPPREARM.exe in the search box lớn quickly search for the file.Right-click the OSPPREARM.exe file and select Run as administrator. Click Yes in the UAC window. It will run this program lớn reset Microsoft Office apps settings.

Tip 10. Uninstall và Reinstall Office

You can also uninstall your Microsoft Office and try lớn reinstall it again khổng lồ see if it works well.

To uninstall Office, you can follow the guide above to lớn remove it via Control Panel. Or you can download and use the Office Uninstall Tool provided by Microsoft to lớn automatically uninstall Office. You can tải về the Office Uninstall Tool from this page: Uninstall Office from a PC.

If nothing helps you fix the activation error in Microsoft office, then you can contact Microsoft tư vấn for help.

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Free Way khổng lồ Recover Office Files

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This post introduces some tips khổng lồ help fix Microsoft Office activation errors. A không lấy phí file recovery guide is also offered to lớn help you recover deleted or lost files.

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