Inuyasha and sesshomaru are here+how to get them : onmyoji

Sesshomaru (release July 18, 2018) – 殺生丸
Seiyu (Voice Actor)Ken Narita
Stat Rating
AttackHPDefenseSpeedCritical %
Max Stat
AttackHPDefenseSpeedCritical %
Evolution MaterialWind Talisman (Mid)x8Wind Talisman (High)x16Lightning Drum (Mid)x8Lightning Drum (High)x16
Evolution AbilityEnhance : When Sesshomaru receives an attack, Tenseiga absorbs 20% of the damage, capped at 40% of Sesshomaru’s lost HP. Upon Evolving, if the attack would kill Sesshomaru, Tensaiga will absorb all of that damage và protects Sesshomaru from all damage and status effects until the next time he acts. Sesshomaru cannot act in under this state and will be weakened for 1 turn, which lowers his damage by 40%. Tensaiga can only protect Sesshomaru from dying once per fight.

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Example: Shadow/Claw/Dawn Fairy x4 + Crit % x2

Position 2/4/6: ATK/ATK/Crit % or Crit DMG


Sesshomaru is very distinct in his role as a pure attacker. As such, he shall be built with our familiar offensive Souls.

Shadow – As we have seen so far, Shadow is very popular Soul for DPS. The main reason is high, reliable damage. In Sesshomaru’s case, Shadow is almost a mặc định choice to lớn couple additional damage khổng lồ his already high AOE attack.

Claw – An alternative khổng lồ our popular Shadow. Claw guarantees an extra 30% damage on critical and is known for his consistency as opposed to lớn Shadow only working when enemies have high HP. Claw Sesshomaru is effective throughout the fight và against high HP supports that cannot be taken out by one hit from Shadow.

Dawn Fairy – Dawn Fairy is one of the favorite control souls for DPSs because she does not take Effect HIT into account. DPSs could make bởi vì without using Effect HIT. In this case, not only can Sesshomaru bởi vì an immense amount of damage, but he can also push enemies back with the added support function.

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Without a doubt, Sesshomaru is best going the ATK & Crit route as with many other DPS. Crit DMG is ideal given you have good enough Souls. This is especially true if you want khổng lồ one shot enemies in high tier Duel. Depending on your team, SPD is also a viable, sometimes necessary, option khổng lồ inflict control on enemies.