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America"s Army 3 is a first-person shooter video game, sequel to America"s Army. In comparison khổng lồ its previous versions, America"s Army 3 was completely remade using Unreal Engine 3 & introduced a number of changes. Medical training was now compulsory, allowing all players to give basic IFAK treatment. While the original America"s Army required the completion of training to lớn play online, America"s Army 3 allows to lớn jump into a game with limited capability, và training was required to lớn unlock desired equipment và skills. Another feature is melee combat in battle using the rifle butt, allowing for more stealthy close combat situations. America"s Army 3 also removed jump, to lớn eliminate the practice of unrealistic bunny hopping-type evasive manoeuvres.citation needed Players can climb onto or hurdle over low obstacles. America"s Army 3 reorganizes the fireteams that players were grouped into; the Designated Marksman was made a member of one of the fireteams instead of being a separate two-man shooter/spotter element as would be more fitting of a xạ thủ team.

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In June 2011, the U.S. Army released an update lớn America"s Army 3, that includes two new multiplayer maps, Shantytown and Stronghold, và a number of features including gameplay for "Every Soldier a Sensor." The ES2 game play in America"s Army 3 brought awareness of the importance of every soldier being observant on every mission. During America"s Army 3 gameplay, players were rewarded for observing and reporting back things that they came across during the mission that were suspicious or out-of-place. In December 2011, America"s Army 3 introduced a new inventory item, the M106 Fast Obscurant Grenade (FOG) into gameplay. The release also provided a new trò chơi loader front end to easily create player accounts; view news, manuals, Personnel Jacket and player stats; launch a game server and links to the America"s Army website.

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It was announced in early 2008 that America"s Army 3, would be released in "fall 2008". Due to lớn technical issues & problems with software licenses the trò chơi release was delayed and rescheduled for "some time in 2009". America"s Army 3 entered beta testing in late 2008 & was released on June 17, 2009. Despite America"s Army 3 being an entirely new trò chơi created using the Unreal Engine 3, there were still a number of similarities between previous versions of America"s Army including similar training exercises. AA3 put emphasis on graphical performance và on flexibility khổng lồ cover a broader range of PCs, as well as decreased kích cỡ for the full version of the software. The game also featured fictional weapons for the enemy as opposed to the Soviet and Warsaw Pact based weapons used in the previous versions. Although the trò chơi had initial problems with online play it worked well offline. A hotfix was launched shortly after the game"s release which addressed several problems with the authorization servers not being able khổng lồ register that players had completed training. Five days after release, players were once again able to play online.

One day after the launch the civilian developers team contracted until trò chơi release were dismissed. Responsibility for development of the trò chơi was passed on khổng lồ the Army game Studio, part of the AMRDEC Software Engineering Directorate at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. The Army trò chơi Studio houses the development & management staff for the America"s Army outreach products as well as numerous Military & Government applications.

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